Formed in 2017, Ebony Pearls Boutique provides custom, hand-made jewelry to customers from California to the UK. Self-taught and trained, jewelry designer Courtney Wade started Ebony Pearls Boutique after struggling to find jewelry that spoke to her unique personality and style. She found herself purchasing jewelry from other designers and stores and altering it for herself. Courtney became used to receiving compliments on her alterations, but one day, a woman asked “where can I find your jewelry?”. Just like that, Ebony Pearls Boutique was born. Ebony Pearls Boutique specializes in custom, luxury, jewelry designs using wood, wire, and resin as the foundational materials. Our motto is “The Necessary Accesssory”. We understand what it means to put your best self forward. With the right jewelry and right attitude, you are ready to rule the world.